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Liberals Rehash Vicious Affair Rumor About Melania Trump and Claim She is Pregnant

Liberals love and support women as long as they worship at the alter of far left progressive ideology.

If you’re a conservative, they will write or say any sort of misogynist or despicable thing about you.

In a gossip article by The Inquisitr, and repeated by other liberal rags, leftists are suggesting that Melania is pregnant, and go on to repeat the debunked rumor that she is having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s inside Trump Tower.


The classless left, who never once criticized Michelle Obama for anything have plunged to the bottom of the barrel with idiotic affairs and pregnancy gossip articles because apparently it’s all they can come up with to smear a classy First Lady.

The radical leftists are full of hate and contempt for anyone who values American workers, family, justice, hard work and religious freedom for Christians.

The especially can’t stand Christians like Melania and will tear them down any way they can  even if they have to use Islam to do it!

The Inquisitr reports:

As soon as photos of First Lady Melania Trump wearing a fitted Michael Kors dress that highlighted Melania’s stomach appeared on Monday, June 19, as reported by the Inquisitr, seasoned reporters knew what would happen next. Social media users and Google searchers would begin searching for information about whether or not Melania is pregnant, and seeking information about Melania’s belly. It’s the same thing that happened to former First Lady Michelle Obama when folks began searching for whether or not Mrs. Obama was pregnant.

According to Google Trends, recent rising breakout trends regarding Melania’s name include the search term “Melania Trump belly,” which has risen more than 4,000 percent. The question “Is Melania Trump pregnant?” has gotten a 1,000 percent rise in searches, according to Google. “Melania Trump blue dress” is up a whopping 750 percent, according to the search engine. “Melania pregnant now” is up 750 percent.

The dress worn by Melania, as seen in the above photo and the below photo gallery, was designed with false pockets and buttons that highlighted a slim waistline. As seen on the Michael Kors website, the Stretch Bouclé-Crepe Sheath Dress is priced at $1,695, and Melania chose the “cadet” color, which is apparently light blue, for her dress selection.

Melania’s blue sheath dress with its figure flattering stretch bouclé-crepe caused quite the uptick in searches about Melania being pregnant or not. At 47 years of age, it is definitely possible for Melania to be pregnant if Mrs. Trump hasn’t experienced any surgery that prevents her from becoming pregnant. With women undergoing IVF treatments more and more these days, pregnancy might not be out of the question.


The Inquisitr article continues to drag up an old rumor about Melania having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s in Trump tower and claims a spokesperson for Melania would not confirm or deny the rumor.

However, The Inquisitr article that originally started the rumors is half full of other nonsense about a pending divorce that was contingent on if Trump lost the election from a source that The Inquisitr itself says was provided by a man who is not reliable.

The spokesperson for Melania simply did not respond to their inquiry, it wasn’t really a refusal to confirm or deny anything, it seems Stephanie Grisham simply ignored them and rightly so.

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