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Looters TERRORIZE Houston Texas! Cajun Navy Rescuer Says Looters Shot at Them, Tried to Steal Boat (Video)

This is horrible! Looters are now shooting at people in Houston, TX amid the devastating flooding that’s occurring.

A year ago a group of boat owners formed a group to help stranded people during floods and help with other disaster relief efforts in response to the massive flooding that occured a year ago in the Baton Rouge and Acadiana areas in Louisiana.

This group of men and women, who call themselves “The Cajun Navy,” mobilized over the weekend as the Houston area began to experience horrendous flooding


While they were in the process of rescuing people, they had troubles with their boat and left it to seek shelter in a delivery truck.

Looters came along and tried to steal the boat and shot at them.

WGNO Louisiana reported:

A rescuer for the famed Louisiana Cajun Navy says looters tried to steal their boats and fired shots at them while they were trying to save Houston residents from flooded homes.

Clyde Cain told CNN that a boat broke down, and while the crew sought shelter in a delivery truck, people tried to steal the inoperable boat.

“They’re making it difficult for us to rescue them,” he said. “You have people rushing the boat. Everyone wants to get in at the same time. They’re panicking. Water is rising.”

The Cajun Navy initially made the announcement in a Facebook post Monday afternoon, but the post was later removed.

Cain later went live on the Cajun Navy Facebook page to clarify what’s happening.

“There’s looters out here, as in any time you have a natural disaster or catastrophe,” Cain said. “We’re OK.”

Because of the hostile responses, the Cajun Navy has been forced to halt some rescue attempts, Cain said.


A video of one of the volunteers was posted on Twitter confirming they were indeed shot at by looters.

Carol Costello of HLN reports:

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