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Media Blackout: Antifa’s Riot Kitchen Arrested In Kenosha, Wisc. While Filling Large Gas Canisters – Photos Show BLM Rioters Carrying Guns

It looks like the atmosphere in Kenosha Wisconsin was more dangerous and volatile than has been reported to date on the night of the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings.

Two narratives about the situation are emerging: first, that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist and a murderer and second, the BLM members were all just innocent victims.

The media’s double standards were on display yet again.


As the Gateway Pundit reported there were other individuals with guns who were protecting the streets of Kenosha from looting and destruction that night:

Also, Seattle-based Riot Kitchen which the mainstream media portrayed as live saviors seems to be doing more than just carrying food!
It’s an Antifa group that supplies rioters. They claim to only give out food but as authorities in Kenosha found, they bring with them much more than that.
Eight volunteers of the Seattle-based Riot Kitchen arrested Wednesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have been released but law-enforcement officials continue to hold their three vehicles as well as cellphones and some other personal items, according to a board member of the nonprofit.

The volunteers drove a minivan, bread truck and black-painted school bus to Kenosha to serve free food during protests that followed the Sunday police shooting of Jacob Blake, according to Jennifer Scheurle, the board member.

Kenosha police made the arrests after they suspected the crew was preparing for “criminal activity related to the civil unrest,” according to a police statement that said nine people were charged with disorderly conduct and the contents of the vehicles included fuel cans.

Kenosha police released a statement following the arrests that acting on a tip, they had surveilled the vehicles with out of state plates fuelling gas cans. The vehicles contained gas masks, helmets, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances.

A video of the arrest taken by onlookers quickly went viral. In the video, law enforcement officers emerge from unmarked vehicles and appear to have been from multiple agencies including the US Marshall’s Service. Kenosha Police later confirmed that they led the operation.

While the mainstream media reported about the dramatic arrest they failed to report the reasons for the arrest and the armed BLM rioters.