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Multiple Celebrities Are Pledging To Boycott The Super Bowl But No One Gives A Damn


In efforts to support failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, several washed up celebrities are vowing to boycott the Super Bowl. Less and less conservatives have been bothering to watch the uneducated multi-millionaire black men play the game anyways.

The hashtag #ImWithKap on anti-free speech Social Media platform Twitter emerged from Liberal shills just a few hours ago.

The Hill reported the hashtag #ImWithKap began trending on Twitter on Sunday as many celebrities and athletes vowed to stand in solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the day of the Super Bowl.

Rapper Common, comedian Nick Cannon, film director Ava Duvernay and actress Jodie Turner-Smith were among the individuals to post a tweet including words of support for Kaepernick with the #ImWithKap hashtag.

Duvernay and Turner-Smith, as well as The Root, a digital magazine that explores issues from an African-American perspective, vowed to boycott the game to protest the fact that Kaepernick remains unsigned by an NFL franchise.

“I will not be a spectator, viewer or supporter of the #SuperBowl today in protest of the @NFL’s racist treatment of @Kaepernick7 and its ongoing disregard for the health + well-being of all its players,” DuVernay tweeted. “To watch the game is to compromise my beliefs. It’s not worth it. #ImWithKap”

Cannon tweeted that he was donating $7 to the Know Your Rights Camp, a free campaign for youth funded by Kaepernick, and challenged others to make a similar donation.

If Twitter was any representation of what the people of America are actually interested in the hashtag #FuckKap would probably make more sense. Are you watching the Super Bowl, or are you more concerned with the real issues in America like pro-infanticide and 90% taxes being pushed on by the Left?

What do you think? Is President Trump correct to call national emergency to get the wall built in case congress fails? One thing is for sure, President Trump is doing his best to keep all of his 2016 campaign promises unlike any other politician we have ever seen.


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