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Nails Were Being Placed On The Roads To Stop The Trucker Convoy (Video)

Anti-mandate demonstrations began on Saturday in Ottawa, after a convoy of truckers made its way through the country—and into the headlines—in recent days.

The protest is being organized by Canada Unity, a group that opposes Covid-related measures.

Demonstrators have taken particular issues with cross-border rules around truckers and vaccines. On 15 January, an exemption ended and truckers entering either the US or Canada need to show proof of vaccination.


Amid security concerns, prime minister Justin Trudeau and his family moved from their Ottawa home to an undisclosed location.

Truckers’ signature honk protests rang out in the capital throughout the morning, as attendees displayed signs and banners in hand and on their vehicles.

Police have urged the protesters to remain peaceful, and have warned that some “lone-wolf” actors could be mixed in among the larger crowds, looking to cause trouble.

So far, the day’s demonstrations have remained peaceful.

But what about the government or brainwashed idiots who tried to stop the truckers by placing nails on the roads?

Not one media reported about it and we’ve received a video from a reader who wanted to stay anonymous who claims that he sent the video to every major news outlet in Canada and USA but so far no one responded!

Video below:

These people are dangerously mentally unbalanced and need to be stopped. We hire as do Canadians different levels of police to stop this type of behavior. If they say they can’t stop it then they need to be replaced with those who can.

This is attempted murder. Do of it what you will.

Aerial scene of the massive crowd that has gathered in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario this afternoon at 3h pm for the ongoing ”freedom convoy” truckers rally protest scheduled to last all weekend under frigid weather in the nation’s capital.

Videos below:

Former President Donald Trump gave a shoutout to protesting truckers as he held a rally in Conroe, Texas.

During a speech, Mr. Trump said: “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way”.

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