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Nancy Pelosi Forgets What She Just Said, Slurs and Flubs the Name of Well Know Playwright (Video)

Nancy Pelosi was out yesterday morning attempting to sound rational but was overcome with her memory failure again and could not remember the Congressional Black Caucus.

This is the House minority leader we are talking about who has been struggling for a while know trying to remember things, like who the President of the United States is and making all sorts of erroneous claims.

Not long ago she was even making weird hissing sounds and maniacal giggling while at the microphone and was questioning why Trump didn’t visit other countries in alphabetical order.


Via The American Mirror:

Before taking questions, Pelosi said, “Earlier in the day, Leader Hoyer and I, along with the chairs of the tri-caucus, that would be the, uh,” she said, pausing to remember, “the Hispanic caucus, the Asian-Pacific American caucus, and the Congressional Black Caucus.

“Did I say that one already?” she wondered aloud.

“Asian-Pacific, Hispanic, and, uh,” she continued, before stopping and staring for several moments, before finally blurting out, “Black.”

Then, she continued, as if the brain freeze didn’t happen, and discussed details of a meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan.

Watch the video:

Just a couple of days ago, Pelosi was repeatedly slurring and flubbing the name of Lin-Manuel Miranda, a liberal playwright who was being honored by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.

Via The American Mirror:

Miranda, the author of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton,” was at the Capitol on Tuesday to receive the Freedom Award.

As Pelosi spoke, she repeatedly had trouble saying his name, and while closing her remarks, called him Lin-Manuel “Madonna.”

Another time, she referred to him as “Ramanda.”

Other times, she seemed to have trouble speaking altogether.

Watch the video:

It’s time for Nancy to retire, but then again, she is one of the main reasons why Democrats are losing and saving us from total communism, so it’s a good things she hangs around.

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