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Nancy Pelosi Just Made a Total Fool of Herself — Look What She Said! (Video)

Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of why we need term limits due to the fact that when lawmakers start to behave and say things that are off-the-wall, like she does, they will have a limited time to endanger our country, even if low-informed voters keep voting for them.

Pelosi’s behavior over the last several months is very disturbing. She can’t remember who the President is and keeps saying it’s George W. Bush. She loses her train of thought, is unable to pronounce the names of other countries, and now she’s botching commonly used phrases.

The House Minority Leader was speaking to San Francisco media when she botched an analogy in her attempt to explain why a prayer group should be not able to rally on public property.


“How could the Park Service justify denying that organization their free speech rights?” she was asked.

“Because the Constitution does not say that a person shout— yell wolf in a crowded theater,” Pelosi responded.

The analogy, of course, is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

“If you’re endangering people, you don’t have a constitutional right to do that,” Pelosi said.

Even is she got it right, how in the world does yelling “fire” in a movie theater have anything to do with a group of people holding a rally on public property to express their opinions? If it is comparable, she and other Democrats should never be able to hold any political rallies.

Watch the video:

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