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Narcissistic, Serial Liar Hillary Clinton Just Invented a BRAND NEW EXCUSE!

We have a new excuse, fresh off the press, from Hillary Clinton as to why she lost the election.

She is now claiming it put “constant stress” for her to have to explain her “motivations” for running for President.

Of course she claims that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders were not questioned in this way and she was a victim of misogyny in the press.


It wasn’t that she was being asked questions voters were interested in knowing or that is usually the first question anyone is asked if they are running for public office so they can explain why they are actually running, other than they are narcissistic.

No, Hillary was asked the question because of “misogyny.”

Maybe if she just spoke from the heart instead of trying to craft the perfect politically correct answer she may have connected with the American people?

Naw, she was a career, do-nothing politician who thrived on the culture of faux victimization and cultural Marxism.

It flew right over Hillary’s head why she lost, it was because of her flawed ideology, lack of doing anything substantial in office and gross incompetence.

Yahoo! News reports:


“I have been a pretty consistent person my entire life, and I have been an advocate and an activist and then later came to politics. … But through it all I’ve talked about the same things — women, children, families, fairness, justice, our democracy — and I have tried to be as clear as I could, but, as I write, I was always taken aback because interviewers would always ask, ‘Why are you really running for president?’ I didn’t see them asking Marco Rubio or Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz, ‘Why are you really running for president?’

“I always was struck by that,” Clinton added. “What do you mean, ‘really’? ‘Oh, if only she’d be her authentic self.’ Well my authentic self is what you see is what you get. And I was not going to be enticed or berated into being something that I’m not.”

The routine questioning about motivations “was a constant stress for me personally,” Clinton said. “But the larger point is it comes in part from the double standard and the remaining confusion about women in the public arena. … If you’re too strong and aggressive, people don’t like that. If you’re too soft-spoken, people don’t like that. If you change your hairstyle people are going to notice.”

“People are definitely going to talk about that,” Sow chimed in.

“Endlessly,” said Clinton. “And the list goes on. … There’s still a lot of remaining discomfort with the idea of a woman president.”


Clinton also took the opportunity to slander President Trump with the lie that he “admitted” to sexual assault, when he didn’t.

But it’s funny that her own husband settled a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones in 1998 for $850,000 and was also impeached for lying and obstructing justice over his sexual misconduct with Monica Lewinsky in the White House the same year.

Hillary failed to mention that her husband and her defense of him cheating no her might just be the reason why she lost.

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