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News Anchor Announces Pope Francis’ ‘DEATH’ On Christmas And The Internet Has A Field Day (Video)

A British news anchor has become internationally known for all the wrong reasons after she slipped up by saying that Pope Francis was dead during a Christmas day broadcast, a major blunder that will forever live in infamy in the annals of fake news.

Kylie Pentelow of ITV was in the middle of delivering a recap on the Pope’s annual Christmas message and his call for global vaccinations when she briefly drifted off into a Biden-style brain fog, announcing the death of the 85-year-old religious leader.

Journalist Kylie Pentelow was reporting on the Pontiff’s Christmas Day address in the Vatican City, where he encouraged vaccinations against Covid-19 and called for equal distribution of them across all nations. But the presenter wrongly stated that the 85-year-old had died. “He said that vaccines should be made available to those most in need,” Pentelow said, before awkwardly adding, “his death was announced… eh, excuse me.”

Video below:

Meanwhile, people on the Internet had a field day after Pentelow’s wrong announcement. A user tweeted, “Dead for years. Although perhaps he’s always just been a hologram and never existed? Anyone ever met him?” The second user said, “This has just made me laugh so much. Good old Pope Francis still alive and well!” “@itvnews just casually announcing the pope is dead and then not correcting themselves. I had to rewind and double check I’d heard correctly!” the third user added.

Many others called this a Freudian slip and expect the Pope to be dead soon!

Prior to ITV’s report of his demise, Pope Francis spoke to a crowd of several thousand at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican as well as to a global audience, lamenting the “pandemic of loneliness” that has gripped the world since the outbreak of COVID and also calling for peace, citing several ongoing conflicts, specifically in Syria and Yemen.