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North Korea Says Nuclear War With U.S. ‘Inevitable’ Because Trump Hurt Li’l Kim’s Feelings

North Korea did not react well to criticism this week from President Donald Trump including referring to Kim as ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘little Rocket Man.’

NY Daily News reports:

President Trump’s personal insults against Kim Jong Un increased the likelihood that North Korea will attack the U.S., its foreign minister warned Saturday.


Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, in a speech at the UN General Assembly, slammed what he described as Trump’s “lacking of basic common knowledge and proper sentiment.”

“He committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets’ visit to the entire U.S. mainland inevitable all the more,” Ri warned.

Ri was referring to Trump’s remarks at the UN on Wednesday, when he called the North Korean dictator “Rocket Man on a suicide mission” in a fiery speech before scores of world leaders.

Trump vowed to “totally destroy” the rogue nation should it continue testing nuclear missiles.

The tensions between the two countries reached new heights early Saturday when American bomber and fighter jets flew along North Korea’s eastern coastline.

“This mission is a demonstration of U.S. resolve and a clear message that the President has many military options to defeat any threat,” said chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White.

Later in the day, the North Korea foreign minister devoted the opening of his 20-minute UN speech to a full-throated rebuke of Trump’s insults.

“None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission,” Ri said. “In case innocent lives of the U.S. are harmed because of this suicide attack, Trump will be held totally responsible.”

“Trump might not have been aware what is uttered from his mouth… but we will make sure that he bears consequences far beyond his words, far beyond the scope of what he can handle,” he added.

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