Home Politics Obama Just Demanded $1.1 Million Annually From Taxpayers For This Sick Reason!

Obama Just Demanded $1.1 Million Annually From Taxpayers For This Sick Reason!

Since President Trump has come into office we are proud to say that we finally have President who actually loves and respects our country and its people, our culture, our armed forces, and veterans. It’s so refreshing. Needless to say that we have a great leader who finally represents the American people.

It looks like while Obama was president, he and his family have spent a staggering amount on vacations reaching higher than  $85 million. Even though millions of Americans were struggling just to put food on the table, the Obamas spent our money to enjoy their lavish vacations! But that’s  not all they also enforced laws that almost destroyed our country by using our taxpayer’s money for some silly stuff!

Former POTUS Barack Obama’s budget requests for 2018 will make him the most expensive living ex-president for taxpayers.


According to Daily Mail:

Obama’s $1,153,000 budget request for 2018 surpasses former President George W. Bush’s by $100,000. The request is also $200,000 more than former President Bill Clinton – who maintains his post-presidency office in Harlem.

All living former presidents could learn something from President Jimmy Carter, whose budget is just $456,000, with an Atlanta-based office.

Former President George H.W. Bush is requesting $942,000. The information was contained in an analysis by the Congressional Research Service.

The big ticket item running up Obama’s costs is his Washington, D.C. office, costing $536,000 in annual rent, and filling 8,198 of prime Washington, D.C. real estate.

The Obamas elected to remain in D.C. while Sasha Obama finishes school, and bought a luxurious home in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Clinton has 8,300 square feet in Harlem. Carter’s office expenses carry rent of just 115,000, according to the report.

Barack and Michelle Obama reportedly inked a book deal worth more than $60 million after leaving the White House.

Nothing new here – it’s a liberal. They thirst and thrive spending other people’s money. Otherwise, they might have to actually work for a living. Not bad for a ’community organizer’ acting stupidly eh?? Those ‘evil wealthy’ indeed.

Plain and simple: Political Corruption of elitists keeping themselves in power on the backs of working America. I wonder why ANTIFA isn’t having protest rallies about this.

I think Obama deserves to be supported by the taxpayer – IN FEDERAL PRISON.

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