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Orwellian Video: An American Soldier Holding A Communist Chinese Flag

Conservatives across America expressed shock at San Francisco, where the flag of communist China was festooning the streets and the president of the People’s Republic of China was given a heroes welcome by city and state leaders. In places where the American flag was still flying, the Chinese flag was flying higher.

Asian leaders have converged on San Francisco for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Week 2023 with the theme, “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All.”

Earlier in the week, the homeless drug addicts who occupy San Francisco streets were cleared out, and the streets were power washed in preparation for the visit by the communist dictator.


The Biden-Xi meeting took place at an historic estate south of San Francisco. The Filoli estate wrote on its website that the estate was closed to the public so it could decorate for the holidays, but in fact it was hosting the bilateral meeting that was held separate from the summit.

One moment in particular caught the attention of James Woods who wrote on X:

My father fought in the Korean War. I miss him with all my heart, yet I am grateful he never had to see an American serviceman holding a communist Chinese flag.


The audio is probably altered but the content is really Orwellian:

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