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Parler Mentioned A Whole 8 Times In Capitol Indictments – Facebook, Instagram And YouTube 117 Times

While the media and Democrats demonize Parler, and it was de-platformed by Google, Apple, and Amazon, it’s clear that leftist social media giants were a hub for alleged criminal behavior

A trove of documents released by the Department of Justice reveals that their investigations leading to arrests in the Capitol riot focused almost entirely on big tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with little to no mentions of Parler. A stunning (to some) revelation that exposes the Left’s claim that Parler was uniquely responsible, and completely destroys big tech’s excuse for their deplatforming.

Parler’s success rattled the left, Big Tech, and the activist media. For years, they dismissed conservatives’ concerns about shadowbanning and other methods of ensuring the right’s reach was minimized.


Parler was by far the most successful, so it became a regular target of the left.

The vilification of Parler culminated with Apple and Google pulling the Parler app from their stores, with the coup de grâce delivered by Amazon who kicked Parler off their hosting service.

Once down, Parler was hacked, and a database of all Parler data regarding the Capitol riot was set up. This was then used by the left to claim that Parler was responsible. This was ridiculous on its face given that a similar analysis of every Capitol riot-related tweet/video/etc. posted to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter was not provided for comparison. Yes, questionable content was posted to Parler, but how much was also posted to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter?

Parler has been demonized and de-platformed. Yet as we can see from these DOJ press releases and associated documents, those individuals charged so far relied far more heavily on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter than they did on Parler. As Professor Jacobson succinctly noted, “The claim that Parler represents some unique risk to public safety is a lie driven by politics,” and these DOJ reports released so far bear that out.