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Paul Joseph Watson on YouTube’s War on Truth (Video)

Since partnering with the Anti-Defamation League to police “hate speech,” YouTube’s censorship and mass-demonetization has gone into hyper-drive.

The Washington Times reported Thursday that Diamond and Silk are being strangled financially thanks to YouTube demonetizing 95% of their videos. Paul Joseph Watson said in his latest video that there’s been “mass flagging and mass demonetization of pro-Trump accounts across the board.”

He said he’s “done with YouTube” for the time being as they’ve made it clear they don’t stand for free speech and he called on other major YouTubers to speak out against this mass censorship which is destroying the site.

Relevant tweets:

This is a major issue and just saying “we need an alternative platform” is not a solution. The masses we need to reach are on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All three are censoring us like crazy.

A simple solution is to do as Steve Bannon has called for and start regulating these companies like public utilities so we can demand they respect free speech.

Author: Chris Menahan
Courtesy of: Information Liberation

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