Home Politics This Perfect Description of “WHY DEMS LOSE” Is Going VIRAL!

This Perfect Description of “WHY DEMS LOSE” Is Going VIRAL!


The Democrat Party is in shambles.

Their leadership are people like bat-flake crazy Maxine Waters, foul mouth weirdo Tom Perez and terrorist supporter Linda Sarsour.

These nasty, hateful people have no message that resonates with the American people who have strong work ethics, sound morals and respect for law and order.

The only sorts of things they seem to care about is coddling foreigners who break our laws, allowing men into women’s bathrooms, impeaching our America First President and protecting radical Islamic.

We’ve seen a lot of accurate descriptions of the failed Democrat Party, but this one is a perfect summary of it.

Is there anything missing here?

What do you think?

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  1. This is not to say everyone in the Democrat party is crazy, and there are a lot of good people. It is sad to see so many good people tricked by these gangsters, and foul mouthed evil monsters. We have to pray these people find their way out of this Democrat Party and come over to the side of the good people. Republicans may have faults too, but we are good clean thinking Americans who actually love our Country.

  2. dont forget their efforts to kill our constitution and bill of rights they already have a good start on the 1st and second amendment ! when is it going to stop and when are we the people going to stand up and put a stop to the trechery in this corrupted country ?

    • As far as Congress is concerned, this will stop in years 2018 and 2020. Even after those coming elections, you can be sure a group of people will continue this type of activity but maybe this RESIST business will go away and our government can get something done. The media will be the media. They will scrounge under every rock and carpet to find anyone to interview for the simple shock value of it. But, we already know, you cannot find news anymore. All we have now is background noise, constant gibberish, and hate from the media.

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