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Photos And Videos Shows That The Presidential Seal Is Blurred Out As Biden Signs The Infrastructure Bill

Is the President of the United States worried about copyright-infringing his own presidential seal?

This might sound like an alarmingly bizarre question, but it’s 2021, so anything goes, and yes, we now have reason to ask it.

Gosh, I don’t even want to think about what kind of questions we might be asking about this administration next.


President Joe Biden sparked social media users’ curiosity today after a video was uploaded to his and Kamala’s Twitter account which, for some entirely unknown reason, had censored out the presidential seal on his podium.

Photos below:

There are allegations that these phots are photoshopped however we have a photo of Biden’s official account:

And here’s a video from Kamala’s official account:

The seal was not blurred when the mainstream media made alive coverage of the signing!

It is certainly true that the presidential seal is an official symbol of the United States government and people who use it in an unauthorized manner can be subject to fines or even imprisonment, according to Cornell Law School.

You would think, however, that there isn’t a single entity in existence that has more of a right to use the presidential seal than the president himself. If there was any doubt that Biden was authorized to upload videos of himself speaking from a podium with the presidential seal on it, his Twitter account has a helpful little label under his handle that clarifies he is, in fact, a U.S. government official.

There is the possibility that, because it was Biden’s personal account rather than the White House or official @POTUS account, his staffers were being careful.

If that’s the case, however, why not just upload a clip that didn’t require treating the official seal of the President of the United States like it’s the face of a suspect getting slammed against the hood of a police cruiser on “Cops”?

Of course, as wildly far-fetched as these theories may be, the consistent appearance of incompetence on the part of the Biden administration really doesn’t help things much, not for the sake of internet forums or the appearance of our nation’s leadership on the world stage.

This is hardly the first display of Biden administration incompetence, sadly.

Either that or they are just ashamed of our country!

The DNC blurred the presidential seal in a video of Biden to comply with a federal statute, Reuters and The AP report.

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