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Photos: Text Messages Allegedly Show Joe Biden and His Wife Conspire To Suppress Hunter’s Actions With A Certain Minor

China’s GTV published several videos and photographs alleging to show Hunter Biden smoking crack while engaging in sexual acts on Saturday. According to The Washington Examiner, “the videos and images appear to be uploaded by a single user on GTV, with many of the photos seemingly from a third-party laptop. GTV, a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, was founded in April 2020 by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon.”

A message appearing at the end of one of the videos read: “U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party as one of the most successful political instances of the BGY program. He is also a target of the CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to ‘fall, fail, and fell,’ to weaken, destroy and kill America!”

Yesterday Joe Biden got nervous at a reporter who asked him about his son Hunter, whose shady business dealings and drug-filled selfie porn flooded the internet on Saturday.
Biden did not let WYOU reporter Andy Mehalshick get through his question before snapping during an event on Saturday.


“Questions and controversy continue today about Hunter Biden, your son,” Mehalshick began.

“There is no controversy,” he interjected. “That’s all a lie.”

“It’s a flat lie because the president has nothing else to run on. If you noticed, while the American people are talking about what’s happening to their families; he has no plan and at the debate, he has no plan,” Biden said. “Everything from Wall Street Journal, other major news outlet said what he is saying is simply not true about my son, but it’s classic Trump.”

But it seems there is a lot more controversy surrounding his son Hunter than Biden can admit.

The GP reported this morning about messages that allegedly Hunter sent to a family friend where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter.

Image below:

In another message, Hunter says that his mother propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well:

In a message sent to Hunter from his uncle Jim Biden he shares that both he and former VP Joe Biden are upset with accusations of impropriety but they don’t believe them. Jim and Joe Biden want to discuss with Hunter so they can all get their stories straight:

Image below:

In a message to a board member on Burisma, Devon Archer, Hunter explains how he is not allowed to be around a certain person without his father, Joe Biden, being there:

In another message Hunter says to a certain person that her mom told former VP Joe Biden that she would call the police if Hunter tried to see that person:

This might explain why Joe Biden went into hiding with 9 days left before the election. Both Joe and Jill had a legal responsibility to report Hunter Biden to the authorities, as they are both mandated reporters due to their positions as licensed professionals. They cared more about power than doing the moral and legal right thing.