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Poetic Justice Was Caught On Video After A Foolish Man Ignored The Gun Owner And Decided To Take A Sawed-Off Shotgun Out For A Test Run

In a poetic twist, justice unfolded on camera when a foolhardy man decided to test a sawed-off shotgun. Little did he know that his plans would go awry, and a grave mistake awaited him when he pulled the trigger.

The video captures a young man, sporting a hat adorned with marijuana leaves, engaging in what he thought would be a bit of fun with the sawed-off shotgun. Though the exact date of the incident remains unclear, the wintry setting suggests it took place during the colder months, with snow covering the ground.

Apparently, the shotgun belonged to the person filming the event, as the shooter inquired about where to aim. The cameraman simply suggested he “hip fire,” implying firing from the hip at waist level. But instead of heeding the owner’s warnings, the fool raises the firearm to eye level, overlooking a significant issue – the gun lacked a stock.


Ordinarily, the stock would absorb the recoil, channeling the force back into the shooter’s torso. Without this crucial stabilization, the sawed-off shotgun recoiled with full force, leaving the man’s hand as the only hope to control it. Regrettably for this “gangsta,” he failed to manage the powerful recoil, leading to disastrous consequences – a lesson learned the hard way.

Video below:

As one would imagine, upon discharging the firearm, the gun launches backward and slaps the man in the face with quite a bit of force, leaving him whimpering in a similar fashion to that of a scolded dog. In the end, the impact left the shooter crying in agony and the owner of the weapon was only able to utter, “See, I told you.”