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Professor Calls For White People To Die, College Insists That He Did Nothing Wrong – While White Professor Is Being Investigated Over ‘Black Privilege’ Tweet

A black professor tweeted that he wants white people to die and supports “fighting white people,” concerned individuals notified his university. However, instead of firing or even punishing him, the campus administration insists that he did nothing wrong.

For Irami Osei-Frimpong, every discrepancy within minority communities can be reduced to racial inequality, namely the oppression of white people. Additionally, he has been afforded a gratifying platform to spew this racial propaganda and spread the idea of victim superiority at the University of Georgia, convincing young people that a certain race of people is inherently racist and, therefore, evil.


Fighting White people is a skill,” Osei-Frimpong tweeted. “Really, it’s one reason I’m in support of integrated schools. You have to get used to fighting White people.”


Irami Osei-Frimpong, who utilizes social media to regurgitate exhausted racist supremacist talking points, ignorantly chalked up the black population’s disproportionate crime rate to patriarchal oppression and systematic racism.

Osei-Frimpong proceeded to quote clinical psychologist Bobby Wright, who said “Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites.”

While most people would see this as racial supremacism and incitement of racial violence, the University of Georgia disagrees. In fact, the UGA administration not only refused to even chastize Osei-Frimpong for such rhetoric but unbelievably defended the very nature of his bigoted and inflammatory speech.

Now, this case has been dragging for months but nothing happened to Georgia’s racist professor!

A few days ago a spate of Twitter posts by a controversial University of Central Florida professor has prompted calls for his firing and denunciations from university officials who said his remarks were racist.

The school also said it will investigate the teaching practices of the faculty member, Charles Negy, a long-time psychology professor with tenure.

In remarks posted this week, Negy said leaders who encourage diversity are promoting divisiveness and tribalism, and he described African Americans as a privileged group “shielded from legitimate criticism.”

An online petition with more than 16,000 signatures calls for Negy to be fired for his “abhorrent racist comments” and “perverse transphobia and sexism.”

The professor has been forced to remove his tweets but e have them in our archive:

Sincere question: If Afr. Americans as a group, had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, performing the best academically, having the highest income, committing the lowest crime, etc.), would we still be proclaiming “systematic racism” exists?

— Charles Negy (@CharlesNegy) June 3, 2020
This article is spot on (will infuriate folks). Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback. https://t.co/V2hcIt4Nh0

— Charles Negy (@CharlesNegy) June 3, 2020
(1/n) This is the most perverse and bizarre country in the world. Black teens needlessly stab to death a white college student and no one cares. NO ONE cares. When a white person (cop or Georgia rednecks) kill a black man (which certainly were awful), the world comes to an end. https://t.co/8zWiFCEB3i

— Charles Negy (@CharlesNegy) June 3, 2020
I fear that our leaders shove “Diversity is our strength” down our throats because they know privately what is more likely to happen to us: tribalism will have us fighting non-stop over EVERYthing. We may learn “Diversity is divisive.” https://t.co/7QfC6ApK0F

— Charles Negy (@CharlesNegy) June 3, 2020

The university tweeted that Negy’s posts are “completely counter” to UCF’s values and that officials were “reviewing the matter while being mindful of the First Amendment.”

Now, this is a clear example of hypocrisy, racism is racism no matter what is the color of your skin!