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Rudy Giuliani: This Could Be The Beginning Of A Socialist One World Government – It Must Be Stopped (Video)

While appearing on “Watters’ World” Saturday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped liberal leadership for situations like in Seattle — where protesters have taken over six blocks — and the destruction in many major cities following the death of George Floyd.

Giuliani first opened up saying there was an insurrection in Seattle and Miami and they both blamed liberals for the outburst and not the police.

Rudy tried to compare ‘autonomous zones’ to the Civil War, calling it a minor version of that major conflict in American history.


Watters stated the police needed to stop these protesters in their tracks now or they will go for everything.

Rudy than went one step further and revealed something that was so far only spoken as conspiracy theory but never by a man with apolitica experience like Rudy.

He claimed that this is the beginning of a Socialist One World Government and that it must be stopped right now.
Giuliani said:
“There are people who have been planning this for a long time. Antifa, Soros. There are people that have anarchist and socialist tendencies and views.”

“They want us to be part of a one-world government,” he exclaimed. “This could be the start of that. Setting up these autonomous zones. if it isn’t, it should be wiped out anyway. if it is, it should definitely be wiped out,” Giuliani said.

Video below:

The former mayor was also reacting to Seattle, where Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best are at odds over the city’s handling of the self-declared autonomous zone set up by protesters spanning several blocks surrounding a police precinct.

Giuliani called on voters to send a message to Democrats during the 2020 election so that the party can reform.

“This is very, very dangerous. It can’t be allowed. The American people have to really note this as we come up to this election,” Giuliani said. “For the good of this country, this is the time that Democrats should take a bad, bad, beating so they go back and reform their party and get it back to a party where we have agreement at least on fundamental principles.”

You can watch the whole show below:

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