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WATCH: Sarah Sanders Went On ‘The View’ And Opened Up A Can Of Whoop A** On Joy Behar


We all know The View and their liberal hosts!

Joy Behar is a loud mouth with no talent. She has attacked Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign but this time host Joy Behar took things a step further!

Left-wing comedian Joy Behar told White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that she “feels sorry for” her for having to speak for President Trump. Watch the video below!

According to The Daily Caller:

Behar claimed on Wednesday’s show that a Politifact report shows that Trump lies 95 percent of the time, but Behar’s citation was incorrect. The Politifact report actually states that 95 of the 158 total claims they checked out were “false” or “pants on fire.” When including “mostly false” ratings, Trump’s “lie percentage” stands at 78 percent, not 95.

“The problem with that, Joy, is that you are doing exactly what we are talking about and pushing a false narrative,” Sanders shot back.

“I feel for you,” Behar said, reiterating her false claim that Trump only tells the truth 5 percent of the time. “I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend those lies every day.”

Sanders again said she disagreed with the report and that the media pushing false narratives “inhibit[s] the president’s ability to succeed…his success is America’s success.”


Too bad she’s not as funny as she thinks she is!

I feel sorry for this Lady. She honestly seems so full of hate. Her obsession with the Trumps merits therapy.

How brave of Sarah to even go on that show with that bunch of losers!

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  1. Sarah shines ! She has dignity and professionalism , something Joy Behar has never had , speaking of being a comedian , Behar’s foul mouth is anything but funny , it is repulsive ! Any woman that stands up and talks the language she talks is not a lady !

  2. Why the hell did she even bother going on that trashy show and deal with these idiots? Both Behar and Goldberg hate Trump with a passion and no matter what facts you present them,they will refuse to believe them. Liberal scumbags are all they are.

  3. To Woopie and the rest of the ignorant women on that worthless show: Do yourselves a favor and just SHUT UP!

  4. It is now known that Obama was born in Kenya. end of that discussion. All these disgusting women just report what CNN or MSNBC report They know nothing!!! This show needs to be taken off the air. Us viewers have had enough of their shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I tell you what I have never seen so much bigotry in all my life as those women all of them on that show they tried to smack her good but she just smack them right back and she knows that Trump is a good man Even though Joy says that she’s got all the proof the only proof that she has it she’s got a big mouth she needs to shut it up and Whoopi needs to go back to Africa or wherever she came from I don’t know get on the train with Obama he went to Kenya you go to Kenya you guys are a piece of crap every damn one of you hang in there Sarah you’re doing a wonderful job

  6. One thing Whoopi said in the 80’s that I loved and used when I did stand up comedy was “Stand up is one of the only jobs you can do without a resume”. Other than that, I’ve always found her to be one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how Ted Danson could’ve done anything with her. She’s murdered quite a few babies in her lifetime. Can’t stand her…

  7. Behar is a joke and kudos to Sarah. I would not choose to enter that den of idiots but she did knowing that discourse is required. The top idiot there is goldberg. She needs a swift kick in the ass.

  8. I stopped watchind the View a few years ago. I love President Trump and refuse to watch Behar and Whoopi. They should take a slow boat to Kenya and join Obama’s relatives, while getting eaten up by mosquitoes! Sarah Huckabee is great.

  9. We should all quit buying any of The Views sponsors products. That might get them off the air. Write to the sponsors and complain about them.

  10. What has he lied about??
    Let us talk about lies. First where are ALL those women who claimed Trump of grabbing them??
    Where is the evidence of Russian conclusion?? After year of investigations still NO evidence.
    Why is it ok for an adult to pick on a child??

    If a person only holds 1 race responsible for there ways and not ALL races isn’t that the meaning of racist?
    All who had problem with trump condemning ALL racist groups is a racist.

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