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Videos: Schoolchildren in Payson, Utah, Now Identifying as Animals Make Animal Attacks on Classmates – Heroic Students Take a Stand

If you Google out:

Schoolchildren in America now identify as animals

You get this as a first result:

From the article:


“Furries” are people with an interest in anthropomorphism, who may create their own alternative animal personality known as a “fursona.” For more information, see the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, also known as Furscience, a group of interdisciplinary professors who have researched anthropomorphic identities for more than 15 years and studied over 40,000 furries (furscience.com/whats-a-furry/).

Plante told Reuters that Stockton’s claims about furry or therian activity in schools are familiar to the community and researchers.
“[It has been] circulating around the internet for more than a decade: This claim that there is a pandemic of furries in schools eating out of dog bowls or barking and hissing in class,” said Plante.
“And yet, despite our having studied thousands of furries, we’ve found no evidence to support this… If there is an epidemic of kids howling and meowing in schools, you’d think it would be easier to find them and put them in front of a camera (or, at very least, one of their teachers!).”
Reuters has fact checked claims around “furries” in U.S. schools in the past and found no evidence of them disrupting classrooms or schools developing a policy of including them as a formal identity (here) and (here) and (here).
“The claims made by [Stockton] about the prevalence and social respectability of therianthropy are not supported by any of the social scientific research that has been done on the topic, by our team or by others,” said Fein.
She added: “As part of my research, I’ve interviewed many therians. None of them have ever reported feeling like their teachers or anyone else in their life were expected by society to respect their ‘queer identity’”.

Well, there it is if Reuters says they don’t exist in schools we should trust them!

Maybe the videos below will be enough to force them to fact-check again!

Middle school students at Mt. Nebo School in Payson Utah held a walk-out protest today against unhinged school officials that allow “furries’ to terrorize them at school.

The students report in the video below that the “furries” bite, scratch, and bark at them. The furries also chew on sticks in class and a kitty litter box was set up in the girls’ restroom for them to use.

The students believe that the school’s tolerance stems from the principal, whose child happens to be a “furry.”

Videos below:

Here’s the full video:

The students claim teachers are ‘not allowed to get annoyed’ about such behavior in case it is seen as being discriminatory.

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