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Screenshot: Alex Soros Tweets Out — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump!

“In Davos, Donald Trump is already the president,” Open Society Foundations Chairman Alex Soros told a panel at the World Economic Forum on Friday.

“That’s a good thing, because the Davos consensus is always wrong,” he said.

The prospect of Trump, who is the front-runner to gain the Republican nomination in the upcoming election, winning a second term in the White House has been a hot topic at the gathering of political and business leaders in Switzerland this week.


Alex Soros is currently facing scrutiny due to his recent tweet sharing a post from the far-left The Atlantic that features a bullet hole and a sum of $47.

“Last year, the crime and inflation crises largely evaporated. So did the leading theories about what had caused them,” the caption reads.

Alex is the son of George Soros and the Chair of the Open Society, the largest donor to Democrat politics.

His message is really troubling.

Being subtle like a brick through a window the billionaire leftist posts a picture of a “Bullet Hole” and “$47.”

President Donald Trump is going to be the 47th President

Many U.S. business executives still believe he will beat President Joe Biden, should the two face off in the 2024 race, as anticipated.

“Donald Trump owns the Republican Party. We’re in something I like to call the Trump cycle, because I think even if — and I believe, if the institutions hold, when — he loses this election, he’ll also be the Republican candidate in 2028 and maybe even 2032 as well,” Soros said, drawing a ripple of laughter from attendees.

“What’s the way out for him? He either winds up in prison or he winds up in power, he’s not going off on some beach somewhere and retiring.”

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