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Starbucks Baristas Heroically Turn Tables on Violent Robbers – Their Employer Makes a Surprising Move That Makes Starbucks Stores Easier Targets

In a press release, the Krupp Law Firm LLC alleged that Michael Harris was wrongly terminated after stopping a robbery at a St. Louis, Missouri Starbuck’s location on Dec. 17.

The firm said that two gunmen entered the coffee shop and began robbing customers.

“I thought I was gonna die that day. … They walked in, announced that it was a robbery,” Harris told NBC affiliate KSDK.


The press release said that Harris complied with Starbucks’ handbook rules, which recommend employees not to engage in robbery incidents at the stores.

“Harris complied with the robbers’ demands until it was no longer an option for himself and others,” says Ryan Krupp, who represents the former Starbucks worker.

When the two men demanded cash from the register, Harris said that he tried to comply with their demands but did not have the proper managerial clearance to gain access to the computer register.

He asked his supervisor to get off the ground to open the till, but the frozen manager declined to do so.

As one of the men rifled through pockets, his alleged accomplice, Joshua Noe, clobbered Harrison in the back of the head with the gun.
“At that point I thought he was going to shoot me,” the barista told The Post.

One of Harrison’s co-workers noticed a portion of the weapon broke off and he sensed a chance the gun was fake.

Devin Jones-Ransom then began brawling with the assailants, with Harrison coming to his aid.

The melee spilled outside, and a bystander from a nearby store jumped in to help the battling baristas

When the fracas ended, Noe was immobilized on the ground while accomplice Marquise Porter-Doyle fled the scene.

Porter-Doyle is now facing 10 felony charges: three for 1st-degree robbery, six for 1st-degree attempted robbery, and one for 3rd-degree assault; Noe faces the same charges plus one count of 2nd-degree assault, the Times reported in a separate article.

Harris and Jones-Ransom, meanwhile, are facing unemployment after Starbucks fired them for unspecified violations of company policy, according to Harris’ attorney.

“Michael and Devin were promptly fired by the company without any explanation as to what, if any policy they violated, or what they should have done differently about the situation,” Krupp said in a statement to the Times.

“We were deeply disturbed to learn of this frightening incident,” a Starbucks spokesperson told the Post. “Partner safety is at the core of how we operate in our stores, and we are so grateful that our partners and customers did not come to greater harm in this situation.”

Well, of course that’s what Starbucks said — but frankly, I can’t hear those words because they’re drowned out by the message of the company’s actions.

“Come rob us,” those actions blare out to any who will listen. “We’ll encourage our employees to let you. And, in fact, if they try to stop you, we’ll fire them.”

So next time you read about a robbery at Starbucks, and you will, remember: It was by invitation.