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Texas Punk Posts Video Of Police Pepper Spraying Him During Traffic Stop, Plays Racism Card, Full Bodycam Shows What Really Happened (Video)

The Paris Police Department received criticism after a man posted a short video where he is pepper-sprayed while an officer tried to remove him from a vehicle. On Monday, the department posted the full-body camera video.

23-year-old Tyler Hill is the man who was arrested. In December, he was pulled over by a Paris Police Officer for a brake light being out.

Paris Police Captain, John Bull, said Hill did not have his Texas Driver’s License with him. In addition, he did not have his insurance card. Bull said when the officer checked the database, he did not have insurance at all.

“He informed Mr. Hill that he would be receiving a citation on the insurance and a warning for the taillight that was out,” Bull said.

Bull said things escalated when the officer asked Hill for his home address to write the citation, but Hill refused.

“Under state law, you must provide your name, date of birth and a valid address to a police officer who has legally detained or stopped you,” Bull said.

Bull said after Hill continued to be uncooperative, the officer asked him to get out of his car, but he also refused. The officer then tried to physically remove him.

“At which time he was warned and then pepper sprayed,” Bull said.

It has been about four months since Hill’s arrest. Last week, Hill posted a one-minute clip to Facebook. It shows him being pepper sprayed as the officer tries to pull him out of the car. The full body cam footage shows what led up to that moment.

“There’s a lot of negativity surrounding law enforcement these days, and it’s not popular to show law enforcement being nice to them,” Bull said.

Bull said in this situation force was necessary.

“In this case, when you show the full truth, it’s just a guy trying to do his job,” Bull said.

The department has a complaint system if someone feels they were treated unfairly.

“We want you to tell us, we don’t want those guys working for us, Bull said.

Video below: