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The Internet Is On Fire After Reports Out Of China Claiming Xi Jinping Has Been Arrested By The Military, Video Shows Military Vehicles Entering Beijing

Unconfirmed reports from China have revealed shocking information regarding the South Asian country’s President Xi Jinping. Although Chinese media have not confirmed the rumors, tweets from Chinese users suggest that President Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Rumors also suggested that Li Qiaoming, a general serving in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), could replace Xi as premier.

The development comes a day after Bloomberg reported that a Chinese court had sentenced a former top security official to life in prison, completing a crackdown on the “political clique” he led against Xi Jinping just weeks before the Communist Party overhaul.

Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese human rights activist who now lives in the US, posted a video on her Twitter claiming that the PLA is moving towards Beijing.

“#PLA military vehicles heading to #Beijing on 22nd September. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing and ending in Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province, the entire procession is up to 80 km long. Meanwhile, #XiJinping is said to have been arrested after #CCP seniors removed him as PLA chief.

Video below:

Reports also indicated that nearly 60% of flights in China were suspended on Friday, without any explanation.

Chinese author Gordon Chang, who is also based in the US, cited Zeng’s video on twitter, writing: “This video of military vehicles driving into #Beijing comes immediately after 59% of flights in the country have been grounded and senior officials have been jailed. . There’s a lot of smoke, which means there’s a fire somewhere inside #CCP. #China is unstable.”

At the time of this report, only domestic flights with less than normal traffic were observed in Chinese airspace showing flight radar.

Even do Jenifer Zeng is very close to China’s inside news we at the Red State Nation were unable to verify this news.

We also checked on websites such as the Global Times for any news relating to Xi. However we found no such news. We also checked international websites such as CNN and BBC and found no such news.