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The Irish Police Are About to Arrest Conor McGregor for ‘Hate Speech’ After His Posts on X Over the Weekend

Following unprecedented rioting in Dublin on Thursday, November 23rd 2023, Conor McGregor took to social media addressing over 10 million followers.

In a series of posts calling for anti-immigrant action from the public, he made a number of statements which include the following:

“We are not losing any more of our women and children to sick and twisted people who should not even be in Ireland in the first place. Call it what you want. We do not care. May God help us all. Ireland for victory.”


He also shared a photograph of the iconic O’Connell monument in Dublin city center, with a bus and car engulfed in flames, with the caption “What would Daniel O’ Connell say I wonder? What would our Irish leaders past say on the situation we face today? God bless Ireland.”

“There is grave danger among us in Ireland that should never be here in the first place” – Conor McGregor X, November 2023

For his “action,” the Irish police are investigating Connor McGregor for “hate speech” after his posts on X over the weekend. He will probably get arrested and that could put Ireland into a bigger crisis!

This was published in the Times. It’s behind a paywall but we are still linking as evidence.

On Friday, McGregor clarified his stance on the recent riots. Despite understanding the public’s frustrations, he emphasized his disapproval of the unrest on Twitter/X: ‘I do not condone last nights riots. I do not condone any attacks on our first responders in their line of duty. I do not condone looting and the damaging of shops.

‘Last nights scenes achieved nothing toward fixing the issues we face. I do understand frustrations, however, and I do understand a move must be made to ensure the change we need is ushered in. And fast!

‘I am in the process of arranging. Believe me I am way more tactical and I have backing. There will be change in Ireland, mark my words.’ He highlighted recent murders and Thursday’s knife attack before he added: ‘This is NOT Ireland’s future! If they do not act soon with their plan of action to ensure Ireland’s safety, I will.’

His comments provoked many reactions, with some claiming they simply exacerbated the problem, but many of McGregor’s fan seized upon the political angle. ‘Conor Mcgregor for president,’ was one comment, while another passionately wrote: ‘Run for office, Conor!! You’re a warrior. Fight for your country. She needs you now more than ever!’

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