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The Nashville Explosion Point Of Origin Finally Determined By Using High Quality Video That Was Just Released By The Nashville PD

Anthony Quinn Warner was responsible for the Christmas morning explosion that rocked downtown Nashville, officials said Sunday, and he died in the blast.

Investigators matched human remains found at the scene with Warner’s DNA, confirming suspicions that he blew himself up in a recreational vehicle, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David Rausch told reporters. Law enforcers said they were investigating a motive.

Authorities had assembled Saturday at Warner’s home in Antioch, Tenn., about 10 miles southeast of the explosion site. Several neighbors described seeing an RV similar to the one that blew up Friday morning, in the backyard of the Antioch home in the months before the blast.


The videos that we’ve seen so far were not clear and raised plenty of conspiracies about where did the explosion come from.

People remain unconvinced about the truth in this case and started allegations that the bomb wasn’t in the RV at all.

But today Nashville PD released a clear high-quality video from the explosion and we can now clearly point on where the explosion came from.

Video below:

Finally, we overlay the previous frame before the explosion occurred, at differing levels of transparency, to determine what was at the point of origin that was the source of the explosion.

Images below:

Combining perspective lines drawn on the rays with the gradient ring markers help us better visualize the 3-dimensional space of the perspective lines.

Image below:

It’s quite clear from the video the RV was the point of origin of the explosion. The perspective lines drawn on the rays and the gradient rings converge on this single source.

Image below:

Since the AT&T building is hardened, (my best guess is) the RV was deflected from the building and landed on the other side of the street.