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The Police Responds To A Shooting – Video Reveals That BLM Forced One Of The Responding Officers To Leave Because He Is White

The police are investigating a shooting at an Atlanta gas station that left two people critically injured.

Officers were called to the Chevron station at 2195 Piedmont Circle NE just after 8 p.m. Sunday evening.

As soon as the police came some BLM agitators surrounds & taunts a white cop who was trying to respond to the shooting call.


The reason is simple because the police officer was white he wasn’t allowed to help them.

Below is the video of police officers who respond to a shooting in Atlanta, only to be shouted down and forced to leave because one of the responding officers was white.

Our source in Atlanta says that it’s not an unusual practice for BLM rioters to use every chance they have to attack the police.

When police arrived at the scene, they found two men, both with apparent gunshot wounds.

One victim stated he was in a verbal altercation with the suspect when the suspect fired several shots, injuring both victims. Both were transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Investigators are working to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Officers say that one man has been arrested, but his identity has not been released.