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Video: The So-Called “Right-Wing Militia” Member Who Was Arrested For Plotting To Kidnap Whitmer Was BLM Protester and Sympathizer

On Thursday the FBI said it had thwarted the plot by alleged militiamen who planned to hold a “treason trial” for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

A total of 13 men have been charged.

Six men – five from Michigan and one from Delaware – are accused in federal court of plotting the kidnap.


These six were named as Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, Brandon Casert, and Ty Garbin. Mr. Garbin’s residence, in a trailer park, was raided by authorities on Wednesday.

The other seven face charges of terrorism and gang-related offenses in state court in connection with the alleged abduction plot.

They are Paul Bellar, Shawn Fix, Eric Molitor, Michael Null, William Null, Pete Musico, and Joseph Morrison.

The 23-year-old Daniel Harris who was also labeled as a “right-wing militia” member by the mainstream media attended at least one Black Lives Matter protest and was sympathetic to George Floyd and BLM protesters.

23-year-old Daniel Harris from Lake Orion, Michigan. A LinkedIn page corresponding to Harris in that small Detroit-area town lists his current occupation as “security guard,” but indicates he served as a rifleman in the U.S. Marine Corps until last year.

An individual of that name was quoted complaining about excessive use of force by police and alluding to his background at an anti-racist protest in Lake Orion in June.

“It is a shame what happened with George Floyd and instances where law enforcement officers murder an unarmed man/woman who isn’t resisting arrest, was complying with the orders is wrong and need to be stopped. You look at photos and videos of news teams and protesters being beaten by riot police when they are there peacefully, you see people losing their eyes because if an officer shoots them with a ‘non-lethal’ round like pepper balls, or rubber bullets,” Harris said. “I’ve gone through that sort of training and I can promise you weapons like that they can turn into a lethal round.”

Also Brandon Caserta, one of the anarchists who was arrested for plotting to kidnap Whitmer, actually hates President Trump and is on video calling Trump a “tyrant.”

“Trump is not your friend dude,” Caserta said.

He says Trump is “a tyrant” and calls President Trump an “enemy.”


This doesn’t look like it’s shaping up to be the Trump narrative they were hoping for.