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The Tenn. Democrat Which Reinstatement Was Praised As A ‘Resurrection’ And ‘Easter Miracle’ Was Caught On Video Stopping Cars And Assaulting Drivers (Video)

MSNBC guests compared the reinstatement of one of the “Tennessee Three” to Jesus Christ’s miraculous Easter resurrection Monday night.

“The Beat with Ari Melber” guest host Melissa Murray spoke with various guests as they reacted live to the news that Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones would be reinstated to his seat after being expelled by Tennessee Republicans on Thursday. Rep. Justin Pearson, who was also expelled, is expected to get his seat back this week as well.

Jones’ reinstatement news was followed by a massive gathering in support of the Democrat which Murray described as “jubilant.”


Rev. Mark Thompson appeared as one of the many guests, live at the rally. With the announcement coming on Easter Monday, Thompson also remarked how Jones and Pearson were “resurrected,” despite Pearson’s vote still being up in the air.

“The word is right. It’s jubilant. Last week they sent these two gentlemen home, but it’s Easter weekend. So they’ve been resurrected. They’re back in their seats. And whatever the Republicans here were up to has been thwarted for now,” Thompson said.

However, footage has been unearthed of disgraced Tennessee state representative Justin Jones stopping cars and assaulting drivers during summer protests outside of the state Capitol in 2020.

Video below:

Here’s what he said at the time:

Local media Scoop Nashville reported at the time:

“In June of 2020, Justin Bautista-Jones, better known as ‘Brother Jones’ locally, was one of the publicly visible (often by design) protestors at the State Capitol. He received a lot of pushback from his own community after it was discovered he was often only making appearances when he knew there would be media coverage, and eventually had a falling out with one of the other most visible female members of the group.

“Throughout the entire time, he has faced over a dozen charges but always denied that he was violent – despite multiple assaults, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment charges. In the newly obtained video, one of his assaults was captured, and presented to the Grand Jury – and he was indicted on two counts of reckless endangerment.”

The mainstream media decided to play the MLK card also:

“The Beat” guest host Jason Johnson said, “You know, between the anniversary of MLK’s assassination and Easter, this is a time of year we have to remember that governments have a tendency to kill Black men who stand up against oppression and violence on behalf of the underprivileged and underserved.”

Is this guy comparable to MLK or Jesus?