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Trey Gowdy Goes NUCLEAR – Mops The Floor with Loretta Lynch After She Lied Under Oath About Using Personal Email (VIDEO)

The fact is, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was following orders from the White House. Ever since the Federal Bureau of Investigation gave Hillary a free pass, Trey Gowdy has been assailing Attorney General Loretta Lynch with criticisms as to why she allowed this miscarriage of justice to happen.

Trey said: “This dual track, a different set of rules for certain people and for others, it frankly should not matter whether you are running for president or running late to a kid’s ball game—the same rules should apply to everyone.”

Lynch tried to give some answers to Gowdy, but she caught up herself-rambling on about a desire to “protect” the anonymous process investigators must feel confident in when doing their work to ensure they are not ever pressured by politics or other outside influences.


He addressed to Loretta asking: “Why do you think it’s important to use official email to conduct official business?”

The attorney general responded, “I believe it’s important to do that. … It provides for a way of doing business in a secure system.”

The South Carolina Congressmen was not nice at all to Lynch and said that she had dedicated her life to a pursuit of justice and stated the importance of a person in her position of “working for a blindfolded woman with a set of scales in her hands.”

Watch the video:

When an answer begins with ”As I previously indicated”, or “As I said previously”, you just automatically know they are guilty of something. This woman’s’ scripted answers, or non-answers, show she is unfit to have anything to do with justice.

Mr. Gowdy is what we need more of in Washington. He is a warrior fighting to keep our constitution alive! This guy understands what it means to be elected by the people and that he works for all Americans. It’s nice to know there are some people who care for us and our loved ones.

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