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Trump Devastates Opposition Dems – Border Deal Will Gives Trump Admin Access To $23 Billion


The internet has erupted as news broke that President Trump will be continuing to fulfill one of his most talked about campaign promises. President Trump on Tuesday said the parameters set in the border deal will give him access to $23 billion.

President Trump wasted no time tweeting about what the new deal en-tales.

“Was just presented the concept and parameters of the Border Security Deal by hard working Senator Richard Shelby. Looking over all aspects knowing that this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources…” Trump tweeted.

“….Will be getting almost $23 BILLION for Border Security. Regardless of Wall money, it is being built as we speak!”

The deal reportedly was to allocate just $1.3 billion, instead of the $5.3 billion President Trump asked for.

The Hill reported the proposal would provide $1.375 billion in funding for roughly 55 miles of new barriers along the southern border, well short of the $5.7 billion Trump demanded late last year when he triggered a partial government shutdown that lasted 35 days.

Shelby told reporters that he explained to the president that the agreement contained nearly $23 billion in total funding. The senator added that he did not ask Trump if he would sign the bill, calling the question “premature.”

“The president’s tone and conversation was very good. Concerned that he didn’t get everything he wanted, and I told him I shared that. We all do. But realizing after I talked with him … that he’s getting a good downpayment,” Shelby told reporters about Trump’s reaction to the agreement.

Shelby added that he told Trump that Republicans “had a good reception in the caucus today about this and we know it’s multiyear, we know it’s going to cost a lot of money but it’s a good start.”

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