Home Politics Trump Challenges Jeff Sessions to “Lock Her Up!” (Video)

Trump Challenges Jeff Sessions to “Lock Her Up!” (Video)

During  President Trump’s Friday night rally in Alabama, he brought up how Crooked Hillary would have demolished the second amendment and we would all be turning  our rifles in.

This spurred the crowd into chanting the familiar slogan “Lock Her Up!”

It was discovered that lying James Comey had premeditated to exhortation Hillary for her mishandling classified information that anyone else under her would have been prosecuted for.


There is plenty of evidence that she was accepting money from foreign nations in exchange for favors as Secretary of State.

There is also evidence that she may have been connected to operatives who were paying agitators to cause violence and destroy property at Trump rallies.

Then there is the allegations from Haiti government officials that the Clintons may have scammed people for money under the guise of helping Haiti and they kept the money for themselves.

Where are the investigations into all of this?

After the chants to “Lock Her Up!” subsided, President Trump said, “You gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that.”

There’s an awful lot of scandals surrounding the Clintons and Obama, yet I don’t see any investigations. Where is Jeff Sessions?

Watch the video:

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