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Trump Challenges Jeff Sessions to “Lock Her Up!” (Video)

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During  President Trump’s Friday night rally in Alabama, he brought up how Crooked Hillary would have demolished the second amendment and we would all be turning  our rifles in.

This spurred the crowd into chanting the familiar slogan “Lock Her Up!”

It was discovered that lying James Comey had premeditated to exhortation Hillary for her mishandling classified information that anyone else under her would have been prosecuted for.

There is plenty of evidence that she was accepting money from foreign nations in exchange for favors as Secretary of State.

There is also evidence that she may have been connected to operatives who were paying agitators to cause violence and destroy property at Trump rallies.

Then there is the allegations from Haiti government officials that the Clintons may have scammed people for money under the guise of helping Haiti and they kept the money for themselves.

Where are the investigations into all of this?

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After the chants to “Lock Her Up!” subsided, President Trump said, “You gotta speak to Jeff Sessions about that.”

There’s an awful lot of scandals surrounding the Clintons and Obama, yet I don’t see any investigations. Where is Jeff Sessions?

Watch the video:

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  1. I have no problem with “Black Lives
    Matter”. What I don’t understand is
    why does this have anything to do
    with respecting America, respecting our
    Flag, our freedom, respecting our soldiers and respecting POTUS!!
    Tom Brady did not visit Obama and he
    was called a racist! Curry won’t visit
    the White House and the POTUS is
    called a racist and white supremacist!!!
    James, Curry, Colin are overpaid cry
    baby athletes who disrespect everything
    America stands for and the history and
    importance of the American Flag. Leftists
    may not like Trump because he was not a
    previous politician! I can’t imagine it would
    be for anything else. He is a breath of
    fresh air, saying out loud what Americans
    really want to say. He is extremely intelligent
    and smart enough to surround himself
    with intelligent men who can advise
    and discuss issues.
    As for people saying bad comments
    about Trump, he is no worse than the
    rapist, womanizer that Bill Clinton is.
    And Bill Clinton was impeached. And look at his foundation taking $ from foreign
    countries and gotta love those cigars!! What happened to the $ that was supposed to go to Haiti???
    Hillary covered up for all Bill’s affairs, but the
    Cigar issue got out of hand! Hillary lies, destroyed 33k emails, pay to play, $ to
    Iran, lied about Benghazi etc.
    Don’t forget 80% of NFL tickets are sold to white people,
    who can choose not to buy tickets or
    leave a game when it turns disrespectful and
    political!! NFL and NBA games are for
    enjoyment and great fun!
    I’m afraid if the players kneel that Americans
    will boycott the games and change their
    TV channels.
    I know I will boycott NFL and NBA games and I will change my TV channel because
    overpaid athletes choose to behave in such
    a bad way! Just like the Oscars and
    Emmys, everything is turned into a political
    arena for badmouthing America, our flag and
    the POTUS!!!

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