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Trump-Haters Gleefully Share Photo of Obama Helping Hurricane Victims in Texas, Until They Realize The Truth

When it comes to liberals, they know how to spread fake news on social media like the wind. You would think it’s all they do. Well it probably is if you don’t have a job.

Case in point: A photo of former President Barack Obama was spread by lying liberals alleging he was serving food to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

The caption on the photo stated:  “Something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”

However, it is nothing more than a hoax. The photo is from Thanksgiving 2015 when Obama and his family were serving Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter.

A Twitter account under the name of Aiden Benjamin, who described has profile as a “parody account for laughs,” tweeted the photo. Later the photo was delete and an apology was posted.

It seems there are a never ending supply of people who have nothing better to do than spreading false information on social media. It’s as easy as searching Google Images for old photographs or downloading a copy of your favorite free image manipulation program and hacking away on current photographs.

An example of another Harvey-related photo hoax features a shark swimming along a flooded Texas freeway. The faux photograph has been shared over 80,000 times.

Michael was not above admitting it was a prank photograph.

Thankfully, there are still a few adept social media users out there who can spot a fake.

Here is a sample of responses to the Obama photo hoax from Twitter users:

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