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Trump Supporters Demand That These Four GOP Traitors Disavow Antifa

Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Speaker Paul Ryan have done nothing but side with the progressive agenda and have done more to support the liberal terrorist group Antifa than some Democrats have.

After Charlottesville, these four RINO clowns slammed President Trump with glee — giving aid and comfort to Antfia terrorist — enabling them to continue attacking, beating, throwing feces and urine on people at peaceful Trump rallies for not worshiping at the alter of communist slavery.

Ryan, Rubio, Romney and McCain have done more than helped the liberal media promote Antifa as the “good guys” who are only “fighting Nazis.” The problem is that the liberal media is helping to convince all of Antifa’s ignorant followers that everyone who voted for President Trump is a Nazi and deserve to be violently assaulted.

Trump supporters now want to know when these four GOP traitors will follow in Nancy Pelosi’s shoes and disavowed Antifa. When will they come forward and condemn Antifa for the violent thugs they really are?

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It looks pretty bad when they won’t stand up for common decency and law and order when even Nancy Pelosi has done it.

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