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Trump’s Family in SHOCK After Secret Service Just Gave The Worst News of Their Life!

We finally have a President and a First Lady that respects our Military and their family’s. It’s so wonderful to have an awesome, respectful family in the White House! With everything they are doing so far, it is evident that our President Donald Trump will be the best President ever and The First Lady is the best.

His family is also very addicted in helping him Make America Great Again! Ivanka Trump has class. Not many rich kids are this well behaved. Their parents raised them to respect others and to treat everyone with grace and dignity.

Ivanka Trump, like all children of sitting presidents, is protected by a Secret Service detail, a straightforward and accepted fact, yet that hasn’t stopped the ridiculous left from being critical about it.


Now the liberal propaganda made another attack. VIA Daily Mail:

President Trump and his large family, along with their multiple residences and frequent travel, have put such a strain on the Secret Service that the director fears many of his agents won’t get paid for a number of hours they’ve put in this year.

Secret Service Director Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles spoke to USA Today about the over-stretched agency, warning that 1,000 of his agents – about one-third of the workforce – have already hit their federally-mandated salary caps in 2017.

‘We have them working all night long; we’re sending them on the road all the time,’ Alles told the paper. ‘There are no quick fixes, but over the long-term, I’ve got to give them a better balance here.’

Under Trump, agents have 42 protectees, a new high, which include 18 members of Trump’s family, counting all of his children, who jet-set the world for both works and play.

‘The president has a large family, and our responsibility is required in law,’ Alles told the paper. ‘I can’t change that. I have no flexibility.’

Alles told the paper that he’s discussed the agency’s staffing limitations with the Trumps.

They understand,’ Alles said. ‘They accommodate to the degree they can and to the degree that it can be controlled. They have been supportive the whole times.’ At the same time, the Secret Service head has been talking to lawmakers on Capitol Hill to get the salary and overtime cap bumped up for his agents, who right now can only make $160,000 a year.
Even with Congressional approval, the agency said that about 130 agents wouldn’t be paid for a number of hours they worked this year.

Without Congress’ help, 1,100 agents wouldn’t be eligible for overtime pay. ‘I don’t see this changing in the near term,’ Alles told USA Today.

However, the agency is making moves to alleviate the strain. The goal is to get 800 more agents working by 2019, with another 1,900 online by 2025. ‘We’re making progress,’ Alles, said.

It seems that now they want to take off their security, I wonder how Obama’s lavish vacations and spending didn’t bother anyone! Now they seem to have problems with President’s family and his security!

I mean come on he is not even getting paid the President refused his salary!

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