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Tucker Carlson EXPOSES BLM Leader: “I Am Trying to Take You Seriously But I Can’t” (Video)

Tucker Carlson is a vocal critic of Black Lives Matter and has spared no words in exposing how hypocritical and racist they really are.

Jasmine Rand appeared on Fox News with Carlson recently to spew more of her race baiting propaganda.

Rand is a white BLM supporter and has sparred with Tucker before, but this time, she bit off more than she could chew; Carlson quickly exposed not just her inherent racism, but her stupidity as well.

Tucker Carlson was debating Rand over a  list of demands for white people that was put out by another BLM supporter.

Jasmine Rand said she wouldn’t necessarily defend Chanelle Helm’s “bullet points” that were laid out Leo Weekly, but that her premise is accurate.

Carlson said Helm’s demands read like Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” crossed with a third grader’s Christmas list.

Rand told Carlson that African-Americans and Native Americans remain the most underprivileged in America, and that race is only one piece of the puzzle.

She said that poverty and national origin are important as well.

Carlson accused Rand of “making a broad generalization based on race,” and made sure to point out that was the “textbook definition of racism,” which is very true.

“I’m trying to take you seriously but I can’t,” he said.

In the end, people like Jasmine Rand are not interested in making life better for all Americans, nor are they trying to heal racial division  — they are only looking to make a buck to cause controversy and tear down other people for political purposes.

Watch the video:

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