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UNHINGED: BLM Protesters Threatening To “Beat” Trump Supporters Walking To Their Cars After Tulsa Rally – Police Open Non Lethal Fire (Video)

Police used non-lethal weapons to disperse a crowd of protesters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where US President Donald Trump held a campaign event. BLM activists, meanwhile, threatened Trump supporters with violence.
Hundreds of demonstrators flooded the city’s downtown streets and blocked traffic at times, but police reported just a handful of arrests. Many of the marchers chanted, and some occasionally got into shouting matches with Trump supporters, who outnumbered them and yelled, “All lives matter.
The Black Lives Matter “protesters” have been impeding the exit of Trump supporters from the area since the rally ended.
Video below:

It seems that the shots were peper shots as people were heard coughing at the end of the video:

Loud arguments broke out between Black Lives Matter activists and Trump supporters. Some protesters threatened to “beat up” their opponents, and told them to “go away.”


Black Lives Matter “protester” was caught on camera threatening to assault a supporter of President Donald Trump as he attempted to leave the Tulsa rally.

“I’m gonna beat yo ass,” a confrontational “protester” shouted at a Trump supporter leaving the rally.

The woman ignored social distancing guidelines as she got in a man’s face and began screaming obscenities at him.

“Why are you screaming at me?” the ultra-calm Trump supporter asks the unhinged woman, causing her to meltdown even harder.

Video below:

Trump’s supporters were harassed during the whiole day:

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