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United Airlines Pilot Terrifies Passengers — Tells Them They Will Be Flying Into TORNADOES!

How would you like to be delayed for 2 hours on a flight and then the pilot tells you he is heading the plane into tornadoes?

That is what append on a United Airlines flight that was bound to Newark from Chicago.

The pilot simply told them they would be “flying through horrific storms including tornadoes” and left it at that.

The passengers freaked out and the attendant was left to calm them down.

One of the passengers report that the pilot “seemed angry.”

That will really make them want to travel on United Airlines again!

NJ.com reported:

The pilot of a United Airlines flight bound for Newark Tuesday night freaked out passengers before takeoff when he warned the plane would be flying through “horrific storms including tornadoes,” according to people on board.

The warning, broadcast over the plane’s speakers, so unnerved the passengers that a flight attendant took to the microphone in an attempt to calm fears on the flight, which had already been delayed two hours, passenger Pamela Kent said.

“He seemed angry,” said Kent, a Princeton resident, who was traveling with her daughter Jessica. “He said ‘we’re going to be flying through horrific storms including tornadoes.'”

At least one other passenger took to Twitter to describe the concerns.

The pilot also instructed passengers aboard the overbooked flight to “get to know your neighbors” and that the trip to New Jersey would be “very turbulent,” according to Kent, who was still in Chicago on Wednesday morning.

He then walked into the cockpit and shut the door, said Kent.

United Airlines said it was looking into the incident.

“We would never put our crew or our passengers in a situation where it was unsafe to fly,” United Airlines spokeswoman Natalie Noonan said. “The safety of the passengers and the crew is always our No. 1 priority.”

There were tornado warnings in Warren County and in parts of Pennsylvania on Tuesday night as heavy rain pounded the Mid-Atlantic region.

Kent said the flight attendants tried to assure uneasy passengers that the pilot didn’t meant it was unsafe to fly and that he was just letting people know there would be additional delays.


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