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Video: ABC “Accidentally” Shows Its Viewers Footage From A Satanic Ritual In The Middle Of A Routine Newscast

ABC TV accidentally aired a clip of a satanic meeting during its nightly news broadcast, giving viewers an unexpected glimpse into the religious ceremonies of a satanic group based in Queensland.

The clip was broadcast during a nightly news program aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which is also known as ABC TV. It starts with a segment on police dog welfare, showing suit-clad men standing outside a building, but quickly cuts to a visual of three people wearing black and standing beside a brightly lit, upside-down cross.

“Hail, Satan!” one of them loudly proclaims, before the clip cuts out.


Video below:

ABC TV presenter Yvonne Yong continued with the broadcast after the clip of the satanic ritual aired.

It appears the footage came from this Noosa Temple of Satan live stream.

A group of self-described Satanists enlisted the Devil himself as a “political tool” and held a Black Mass in their fight against the might of Queensland’s Education Department, which reached the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is pushing for Satanists to be allowed to teach religious instruction classes to school students.

The Noosa Temple of Satan, located on the Sunshine Coast, was formed in December 2019, in defiance of the Australian government’s proposal for a religious discrimination bill.

One of the satanists’ aims was to force the federal government to scrap the idea of a religious discrimination bill, and replace it with a human rights act.

However, the temple has evolved during its short history, now boasting more than 7600 followers on Facebook and having held several events.

People online asked why did the TV presenter didn’t apologized to its viewers if the footage was accidentally aired!

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