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Video: After the Debates, NYT Called Biden Pale—His Team Slathered Him in Sunkist Orange, and the Reactions Are Wow

Last week, The New York Times reported on the frustration within Joe Biden’s family following his disappointing debate performance on Thursday. According to the report, Biden’s family members were particularly upset about his appearance:

“[T]hey were angry that Mr. Biden, who arrived for the debate in Atlanta with a summer tan, was made up to look pale and pallid…”

Indeed, in stark contrast to Donald Trump, Joe Biden appeared disheveled, with a look that exuded an old-man aura and sickly pancake makeup. This stark difference only accentuated the challenges Biden faced during the debate, further fueling concerns about his campaign’s image and effectiveness.


The contrast between the two candidates was visually evident, as Trump appeared confident and composed, while Biden’s appearance seemed to reflect a lack of preparation and vitality.

His team decided that they needed a change!

“So I guess that’s why his team decided to slather him in Sunkist Orange this week,” quipped one commentator, reflecting the general bemusement over Biden’s new, dramatically tanned look.


He got a new look but his brain was malfunctioning again, he read “end of quote” off the teleprompter again.

People had something to say about his new look:

The makeup controversy is just one aspect of a larger discussion taking place within the Biden camp as they grapple with the fallout from the debate.

While the president himself is said to remain confident in his team, including senior adviser Anita Dunn and personal attorney Bob Bauer, some family members are questioning the strategy employed in preparing Biden for the face-off with Trump.

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