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Video: Anti-war Activists Disrupt Nancy Pelosi Event Sends Her To Hell And Expose Her War Crimes – The Look On Her Face Says It All

To say that Nancy Pelosi has never been worthy of our respect would be a lie. There was that time she stood up to the Chinese government — and the Biden administration — and went to Taiwan, where she reaffirmed America’s full support for the Taiwanese people and their freedom. There was that one time.

But was she there for the good of the people or just to make her businesses flourish?
So, we can’t technically say that she’s never said something good. What we can do is continue to call her out for all the horrible stuff she says.

Here’s an example:


If you noticed the look on her face says it all because her war crimes are finally exposed to the world.

Nancy has never faced true pushback from the media.
I do love seeing her squirm when asked real questions.
Julie Tang, a retired judge who served on the bench of San Francisco Superior Court for more than two decades, said Pelosi is supporting the military-industrial complex and “raising the temperature for war.”

“We have donated to her, we’ve supported her throughout these years, but we are so disappointed that what she’s doing is totally against the welfare and the well-being of the community—in particular Chinese Americans,” Tang said. “She does not listen to us. She’s going with the flow, going with pushing U.S. hegemony to contain China. For what? We don’t get anything out of it.”