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Video: Antifa/BLM Rioters Call Black Cops Coons & Say They’re Race Traitors – Hit An Officer In The Head With A Firework

The Portland Police Association, the union for front-line police officers, has been a frequent target of protests, as well as graffiti and attempts at more serious property damage, including fires.

As about 150 protesters arrived at the union office, police announced via loudspeaker that nearby streets remained open to auto traffic and that the sidewalk in front of the union building was closed. People who stood there, police said, could be subject to force including impact munitions and pepper spray.

Some demonstrators nonetheless stood in the street. A handful stood in front of the building and tagged the building with graffiti.


Officers arrived shortly after, standing in the roadway between the largest group of protesters and the Portland Police Association building. Police made several arrests and surrounded the union building, preventing protesters from approaching.

The rioters also started a racist attack on black cops calling them cons and race traitors
A rioter can be heard also saying “skin-folk ain’t yo kin-folk.”

Video below:

A few moments later the crowd cheered after an officer was hit in the head with what looks to be a firework that was thrown by the rioters.

Video below:

They also used a mace to attack the police.
Video below:

Portland PD gave an official statement about the attack.

Well, now it’s not a question if All Lives Matter it’s a question if all Black Lives Matter, racism at it’s best!