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Video: Antifa Rioter And Convicted Child Rapist, Was Arrested For Felony Assault After He Busted A Man’s Head Open Using A Baton

Two people were arrested Sunday after a man was assaulted during a protest near Olympia City Hall.

About 3:45 p.m. Sunday, protesters who had gathered outside of City Hall moved into the intersection on Fourth Avenue and Cherry Street to block cars headed east. Counter protesters who had gathered in the Meineke Car Care Center parking lot across from City Hall tried to shepherd the cars through the lot and onto Cherry to keep traffic flowing.

The two groups got close and began yelling at one another, throwing insults and curses until a man from the group at Meineke was pepper sprayed in the face, according to Olympia Police Lt. Paul Lower. The man was then chased and assaulted by three other protesters. The man was hit in the head with an extendable baton, bloodying him, then he was punched multiple times by a second protester and hit with a cardboard sign by a third protester, Lower said.

The video below captures the emotional scene surrounding the assault as counter-protestors square off.


Shaelyn A. Reed, 20, of Olympia was arrested for the assault.

He is a convicted child rapist.

Reed pleaded guilty to second-degree rape of a child. He is a registered sex offender in Thurston County, Wash.

Once again no police presence… The mob gets to roam the streets. These people have declared war on civilized society. They have declared war on the police. We all must arm ourselves and protect our homes and families.

Also, two people in that rally had weapons and no one was shot.

Contrary to what the Left would have you believe CCW holders don’t just whip out their gun and start killing everyone around them when there is an attack. Most won’t engage unless someones serious injury or death is imminent.