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Video: Antifa Rioters Tried To Stop A Black Female Driver Last Night – She Taught Them Lesson Of A Lifetime

More than 50 people were arrested overnight Sunday in Portland, Oregon, including at least two who were clad in body armor. One individual was armed with a dagger while another had a knife, police said. The names of those arrested and their charges were not immediately released.

The Portland Police Bureau said “it was clear that the intent of the crowd was not peaceful protest,” as many people were carrying large shields and were dressed in protective gear, including helmets, gas masks, and body armor.

But the riots once again proved that not all Black Lives Matter.


Investigative journalist Andy Ngo posted a video where Antifa rioters tried to stop a black female driver from passing through.

The woman gave them a huge surprise and proved that black folks don’t agree with looting and burning.

She’s called them out, letting them know they only go after easy targets, because their paymasters live in those high-end neighborhoods.
Video below:

Noticing a serious lack of diversity in this group.
Looking like a very specific group.

Photo below:

The problem is the Portland Mayor, DA, and Governor are all protecting Antifa and BLM from anyone who protects themselves against them. This should be illegal. Democrat politicians protect the rioters instead of the taxpayers. This is wrong on so many levels.