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Video: Ashton Kutcher’s Passionate Testimony Against Child Sex Trafficking Goes Viral But His History Reveals Huge Red Flag

The anti-trafficking movie “The Sound of Freedom” is a controversial film and the latest battle in the culture wars. On one side are people who are concerned with child sex trafficking. On the other side are progressives who hate the people in the first group and have attacked the movie as a result. Odd, because years ago “child sex trafficking bad” was something we could all agree on. I think that’s why this Ashton Kutcher congressional testimony from 2017 is trending today.

Kutcher reveals in his passionate testimony that he’s passionate about fighting child sex trafficking, and how his company was helping fight it.

Video below:


While I am 100% against sex and human trafficking…… I think you should look a little deeper…….

Ashton Kutcher sat on the board of the McCain Institute “to combat trafficking” along with Lynne Forrester de Rothschild and they featured events hosting speakers like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

A report citing findings from the McCain Institute’s filings with the IRS for 2012, 2013 and 2014 revealed that they did not spend any of their endowment on combatting human trafficking.

In 2009, police arrested the former manager of Sen. John McCain’s Pueblo presidential campaign office on charges he sexually assaulted a 5-year-old boy left in his care.

That was the second arrest on charges of sexual assault in a week for Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, 52, who has faced similar allegations at least five times since 1982 without being convicted of a crime.

Thorn is the name of the foundation that is run by Ashton and it “fights” child trafficking!

Stay with me on this one~

Thorn Launches Silicon Valley Innovation Lab To Fight Child Sexual Exploitation With Technology
Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Expedia, IAC, Sabre, Twitter, Amazon Web Services and Pinterest Partner with Thorn (2015)

Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to driving technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation, announced today the launch of The Thorn Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley. The Lab will serve as a physical think tank for a team of engineers and data scientists to research technologies, create partnerships and build innovative technology solutions to fight child sexual exploitation.

The Thorn Innovation Lab has partnered with tech industry giants including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Expedia, IAC, Sabre, Twitter, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Pinterest. The companies will participate through financial donations and by providing expertise, guidance and engineering support.

The Lab’s initial areas of focus include child sex trafficking, dark web child abuse and exploitation, and social platform cybersafety.

The Lab is a natural next step, given Thorn’s deep roots in Silicon Valley. In 2010, with the leadership of Ron Conway, founder of SV Angel, Thorn created a Technology Task Force to focus on collaboration and information sharing to improve the use of technology to combat child sexual exploitation.

Thorn has also created a Technology Task Force — a group of more than 25 technology companies that collaborate on technology initiatives to fight child sexual exploitation. Participating companies include Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Symantec, SV Angel, Twitter, Expedia, Connotate, Irdeto, Mozilla, Digital Reasoning, Palantir, Sabre, Pinterest, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others.

We have Peter Thiel of Palatir:

Interesting~ Palantir & the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

Peter Theil was Palantir’s largest shareholder as of 2014- The same Billionaire Peter Thiel reportedly had ‘several meetings’ scheduled with Jeffrey Epstein, according to email records.

Peter Thiel likely met with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein “several” times in 2014, according to a recent report from The New York Times.

The email records were obtained through an information request in the US Virgin Islands lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, according to the Times. The lawsuit was settled last year after Epstein’s estate agreed to pay the US Virgin Islands more than $105 million over claims Epstein had used an island in its territory for a sex-trafficking operation.

The publication said it isn’t known whether Thiel attended all of the meetings mentioned in the emails because some of them were marked as “TBD.”

Thiel did not respond to a request for comment from Insider and a spokesperson for the billionaire declined to comment for the Times.

Since 2010, Palantir has partnered with NCMEC, providing our data integration software in support of its mission to help find missing children.

With Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook:

Remember this from 2018-

Facebook asked users if pedophiles should be able to ask kids for ‘sexual pictures’

Peter Thiel & Epstein:

You don’t say Peter Thiel Appeared To Meet With Jeffrey Epstein, Report Says—Latest Billionaire With Epstein Ties

I have been warning people about Peter for some time. His connections with Mark Zuckerberg (who put out a pedophile survey on Facebook), Reid Hoffman who had Epstein over for dinner and funded Jean Carroll against Trump recently.

Theil financially backs Rumble.

The Times reviewed emails from Epstein’s assistant indicating he was set to meet with Thiel at least three times in September 2014—including private and group meetings.

The two men initially planned to have lunch on one day in mid-September of 2014, but it was later switched to a dinner involving Thiel, Epstein, director Woody Allen and other guests—followed by two other lunches between Thiel and Epstein within a week, according to the scheduling records reviewed by the Times.

Around the time, Thiel was a Facebook board member and a chairman for data analytics firm Palantir, which had recently raised $50 million in funding and sought to raise more. Thiel also helped lead the venture capital group, Founders Fund.

Wake up, people!

And YES, let’s not forget about Microsoft’s- Bill Gates and his relationship with Epstein.

Don’t forget about Reid Hoffman of Silicon Valley

Reid Hoffman a Silicon Valley, the billionaire who helped rehab the image of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is now poured major cash into the super PAC supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy. Hoffman, invested in Facebook along with Peter Thiel.

Reid Hoffman is also backing Jean Carroll in her fight against Trump.

Larry Page (co-founder of Google) who has been missing since May 2023 by the way.

The U.S. Virgin Islands may serve legal papers on Larry Page as part of its lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase & Co over its ties to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a judge ruled on Thursday.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in federal court in Manhattan did not specify what information the U.S. Virgin Islands was seeking from Page, a co-founder of Google, which grew into a company called Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) with Google as a unit.

The U.S. Virgin Islands accuses JPMorgan of missing red flags about Epstein’s abuse of women on Little St. James, a private island he owned there.