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Video: Biden Allegedly Repeats “Good Luck” After Someone Said It Into His Ear Piece At The Start Of The Debate – Fact Checkers Quickly Denied These Rumors

There are many negative but honest headlines you could write about Tuesday night’s semi-coherent shouting match between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and Biden’s de facto spokesman Chris Wallace. But the media has settled on a headline ripped straight from their own fever dreams.

On the other side, the right used social media to give their views of the debates or place so-called conspiracy theories.

The majority of Trump supporters did allege that Biden was using an earpiece during last night.
The Trump campaign demanded that both candidates be checked for hidden earpieces before the debate, the request was denied from Biden’s camp.


This raised more questions than answers.

A video that surfaced this morning on the social media where Biden allegedly says good luck to his staffers using earphones at the beginning of the debate.

The video was removed but we have downloaded for just in case.

Video below:

As Alex Hall from the Conservative US reported this morning more videos and photos alleged that Biden used an earpiece or some sort of electronic device.

From the Conservative US:


I zoomed in pretty good on it. You can see the metal is very defined and encased. If anyone knows what this is, please share it below. There are two of them. One on the right side and one in front.

If you go to 57:16 you can observe it for yourself. It happens very quickly, and then it drops back into his cuff.
Video below:

People alleged a tiny microphone, the kind you pair with a wireless earbud and receiver (@ 28:49 on C-SPAN video above)

Some went even further and alleged that the device is a neuromuscular electrical stimulator:

Fact Checkers quickly denied these rumors.

PolitiFact reported:

In the shaky video, Joe Biden adjusts his dress shirt. After he straightens the collar of his blazer, a thin shadow appears.

“There it is,” a narrator says in the clip shared thousands of times on Facebook. “Biden’s wearing a wire. Why do you need a wire, bro?”

The video shows 13 seconds of the first presidential debate between Biden and President Donald Trump. It has spawned dozens of conspiracy theory posts on Facebook, which were flagged as part of the company’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

Did Biden get help during the debate? No — the posts are baseless, and other fact-checkers have debunked them. But they quickly took off on social media.

Before the debate, another viral rumor claimed Biden had a device implanted in his skull that lets him hear someone on the other end give him answers to questions. We rated that claim Pants on Fire. Envoy Medical said its device “cannot secretly and wirelessly transmit conversations” and the Biden campaign refuted the claim.

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