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Video: Biden Has To Carry A List In His Pocket To Remember How Many People Have Passed Away Due To COVID


President Biden delivered remarks Wednesday afternoon on his economic vision for the future and the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan to “Build Back Better” for the American people following the pandemic.

“It grows the economy in key ways. It puts people to work doing repairs and upgrades we sorely need,” Biden said of the infrastructure plan.


Biden said: “I’m convinced, if we act now, in 50 years, people are gonna look back and say, ‘this was the moment that America won the future.'”

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But when it comes to COVID victims Biden seems to carry a list in his pocket to remember how many people have passed away due to COVID.

“It has now killed over 4,000 – Excuse me 500- I carry it in my pocket.”

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The Biden administration is struggling over how to portray a burst of new coronavirus cases, even taking pains to avoid saying publicly that the country is experiencing a “surge,” according to three senior administration officials.

President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 team is torn over how to convey two seemingly conflicting ideas: That the nation is closer than ever to ending the health crisis, and yet remains in imminent danger from the virus.

Biden is an embarrassment to our once great Nation.

How could anyone including his family believe he’s mentally equipped to be President?