Home Culture Video: Black Patriot Carrying US Flag Called a ‘Race Traitor’ Inside ‘CHAZ’

Video: Black Patriot Carrying US Flag Called a ‘Race Traitor’ Inside ‘CHAZ’

Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood has long been a hotbed of gentrification, but right now, the streets surrounding Cal Anderson Park are undergoing a different kind of transformation.

Over the past several days of its remarkable existence, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has captured radical imaginations across the country.

Also known as the Seattle Autonomous Zone, the six blocks surrounding Seattle’s now-abandoned East Precinct have become a virtually cop-free space, populated instead by rioters.


Comparisons have predictably been drawn between CHAZ and the Occupy movement, but in the place also known as Free Capitol Hill, there is one crucial distance: this time, some of the protesters are armed.

But some American patriots want a peaceful solution to the problem.

One brave American patriot decided that he should carry the American flag inside CHAZ to show his support for his country.

For doing so he was labeled as “Race Traitor”.
“Keep on walking you race traitor a** b**ch,” shouted a man over a bullhorn to a black man carrying an American flag inside the Seattle “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” on 13 June, 2020. People then try to steal his flag. A woman carrying an American flag was robbed moments earlier. Both were chased out by a crowd.
Video below:

More American patriots were spotted carrying the American flag:

Also, a group of patriot bikers and oath keepers are planning a ride to the anarchist-dominated “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) to retake that part of the city and hand back the Seattle Police East Precinct to city cops.

Their aim is peaceful protests.

They created Facebook even that is quickly becoming viral.

The event states:

On July 4th, Independence Day,a coalition of patriot groups and all who want to join are going to retake the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone for America. Antifa members are illegally occupying public property and terrorizing small businesses in the neighborhood. American patriots have agreed to come together again, remove the barricades illegally obstructing traffic, and free the people in the zone.
We are not going to hurt anybody, break the law, etc. We are simply going to tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control
In any case happy flag day!

June 14 is Flag Day, a nationally observed day to honor Old Glory.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson designated June 14 to be the official day for recognizing the adoption of the American flag, a day that would not become “National Flag Day” until an act of Congress in 1949. However, the flag’s first observances had been held nearly a century earlier in 1877 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the flag’s official adoption at the time.